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Industrial Counterflow Water Cooling Tower Evaporative Condenser

ZNX series evaporation condenser is designed according to JB/T7658.5-2006 "evaporation condenser for ammonia refrigerating device" standard.Basis on many years of design production experiences , integrated the advantages of similar products at home and abroad. The product have novel structure, unique, advanced and reasonable, safe and reliable, high efficiency;it can adapt to all kinds of different temperature requirements, which are widely used in refrigeration, cold storage, ice storage, hotels, shopping malls and large factories and other places.
  • ZNX-800

  • UFEC

The condenser and cooling tower organically integrated, energy saving. Air and water flow same, affect the heat transfer coefficient. Heat exchange pipe tilt design, it is good for refrigerant flow, reduce the flow resistance. Evaporation condenser side have maintance door, easy for maintenance. Axial flow fan blades is die casting aluminum, light weight, low noise,high efficiency and motor is waterproof. Heat exchange coil and internal black metal artifacts have been hot-dip zinc process, good anti-corrosion performance, long life time ;Heat exchange coil with special structural design, make the coil arrangement more compact, increased in the same plane coil area, improving the heat transfer efficiency. Using anti-blocking type spray system, large coverage area . Use high-efficiency dehydrator, dehydration with high efficiency, water loss is small. Heat exchange coil with heat transfer layer below the secondary water distribution, increase the contact area, reduce the water temperature, spray water cooling effect is good, so as to ensure the evaporation condenser effect.

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