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Frequency Conversion Hydraulic Flip Vacuum Tumbler Machine

  • FGR-1700
  • UFEC
Automatic Vacuum Stainless Steel Marinated Meat Salting Marinator Marinade Mixer Machine Vacuum Meat Tumbler Vacuum Rolling Machine Meat Salting Machine Food Stirring or Curing Machine Vacuum Massage and Marinate & Stir evenly Energy Saving & Low Noises Easy operation & High Efficiency 1. Wide applications:Sausage, Ham, Bacon, Roast Meat, Poultry, Fish and so on; 2. High-quality stainless steel: Reasonable structure, Continuous running, Low Noises, Easy operation and High efficiency; 3. Multiple time setting modes:Including Total tumbling time, Interval time, Vacuum types and so on; 4. Multiple functions: Continuous tumbling, Interval tumbling, Reverse rolling discharging and etc.; 5. Additional opening for vacuum suction loading; 6. FGR series products with 10 different tumbling modes and 100 tumbling recipes; 7. FGR series products applied Frequency Conversion, Saving about 30% energy; 8. FGR series products with Automatic suction port and Reverse rolling discharging; 9. FGR series products with serious setting types:Total time, Forward tumbling time, Reverse tumbling time, Interval time and Circulation types;


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