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Aowei Refrigeration appears at the 23rd Qingdao CHINA FISHERIES & SEAFOOD EXPO

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The largest and most influential aquaculture exhibition in Asia – CHINA FISHERIES & SEAFOOD EXPO is held as scheduled at Qingdao international expo center from nov 7 to 9, 2018.

As a well-known supplier of cold chain logistics system in China , Aowei Refrigeration who with the world’s top compressor technology and the well-known enterprises at home and abroad to participate in this event together. Aowei Refrigeration is committed to improving living environment and make a great effort to create a credible brand of refrigeration!

Aowei refrigeration’s single-stage two-screw refrigeration compressor unit was presented in this exhibition, it adopts efficient oil separator and the oil content of exhaust is less than 5ppm. Forced oil supply, wide application range, compressor running reliable. Laminated flexible coupling with strong compensation capability and smooth operation.Adopt efficient siphon oil cooler, high heat transfer efficiency, less incrustation, firm and durable. The compressor adopts the internal oil circuit design, the external pipeline is simple, the leakage point is few. The oil pump of the unit adopts frequency conversion adjustment to improve the using edad of the oil pump. Unit energy adjustment adopts three – position four-way solenoid valve, part of the load is stable.The main motor with protection grade IP55 is safe and reliable. Complete safety protection: ultra-high exhaust pressure protection, oil pressure difference too low protection, high oil temperature protection.

The CO2 semi-seal screw refrigerating compressor unit at the exhibition also has the core technology of Aowei. The product adopts semi-closed structure without shaft seal. Prevent the leak of refrigerant and oil. High efficiency variable frequency liquid ammonia cooling motor. The COP is 3% higher than that of conventional inspiration cooling motor. Variable frequency energy regulation. The startup current is small and has no impact on the power grid. The maximum frequency can be increased to 70HZ, so as to increase the displacement and refrigerating capacity of the compressor. Oil cooler adopts plate and shell heat exchanger. It has the advantages of high pressure resistance, high heat transfer efficiency, less incrustation, small temperature difference, durability, compact structure and extremely low maintenance cost. Danfoss oil temperature regulating valve. Avoid oil temperature is too low and the compressor start-up difficulties in winter. Oil pump adopts frequency conversion regulation, energy saving and high efficiency. Clean piping and reduce oil and material leakage.Efficient oil separator, the effect is good.

There is also a rotating cooling and freezing equipment for slide rail. This product adopts the stainless steel high-strength mesh belt and transmission device designed with proprietary patent technology, which solves the problem of rewinding the mesh belt completely. It can provide uniform and efficient closed circulation air flow required by high-quality product freezing. The support structure and drainage system of the specially designed can eliminate the sanitary corner pockets and meet the HACCP certification requirements of international food hygiene and safety. It can maximize production and failure – free running time to achieve the best economic benefits.

Lasted three days of exhibition, the booth of Aowei Refrigeration attracting countless visitors to stop, the staff also always with full enthusiasm and communicate with exhibitors patiently, the features and advantages of the products under the staff’s excellent speech and demo of Aowei Refrigeration were showed incisively and vividly. after understanding the products, those professional visitors and exhibitors that at the venue, then they expressed great interest to the products displayed of Aowei Refrigeration. A lot of customers had a detailed consultation at the scene, and they hope that we will have a further cooperation through this opportunity .


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